Q. What's changed since the original Zombieville USA ?
A. As the screenshots and video should show, quite a bit! We've added tons of new weapons, zombies and characters. In fact, so much has changed that its really a very different game.
Q. When is it coming out?
A. It's available now on iOS devices. We do not yet have a timetable for an android release.
Q. How much will it cost?
A. At the moment, we're going with a mere 99 cents.
Q. Does it support Game Center? Multiplayer? iCloud?
A. Yes on all counts. We have 30 achievements, worldwide leaderboards, and co-op multiplayer via bluetooth or wifi for 2 players.
Q. Any plans for updates?
A. As long as there's an appetite for more content, we'll do our best to oblige. We've already submitted an update to address some bugs and concerns players have encountered with the initial release, and hope to continue polishing the game to be everything it can possibly be.
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